Big Bear, Little Brother

Here’s a little peek of the book I’ve illustrated for Macmillan Children’s Books. The story about a little boy and a polar bear is beautifully written by Carl Norac and available to buy as of today!

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  1. Page

    Hi Kristin! A late “Congratulations!” from me. So happy for you! I’m getting my sister to buy it for me,as she’s going to UK next month. But I want a signed copy, too. Maybe I should visit Norway with the book…

  2. Lyubov

    Bought one in London for my nephew and brought it to Russia. Wonderful…thank you!

  3. pink

    I just ordered one off amazon! If you ever come to the states maybe you could sign mine!


  4. anna dungay

    Fineste boka vi har sett på lenge! Vi lånte den på biblioteket der vi bor (plymouth, England) , har ikke lyst til å gi den tilbake, så kjøper nok en til minstemor til jul. Hun og pappa kaller seg little bear/Bing bear så bøker om bjørner er populære hos oss. Hilsen mamma og isla :)

  5. Lesley Anderson

    simply simple stunning. amazing graphics and think they’d make a beautiful tattoo :)


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